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What is the Fit & Free Challenge?

The Program

This Fit & Free Challenge is a free five day challenge designed to help you create a healthy lifestyle through Biblical principles. You will get a sneak peek into what my clients are learning inside of my Heart of the Matter 30 day program. I will show you how to be set free from unhealthy mindsets that affect your health and every part of your life! For 5 days you will learn a variety of ways to workout effectively and efficiently while learning proper technique! You will be provided workout videos that you can exercise along with.

Food & Emotions

Food has so many emotional connections to the choices we make. We respond to stress, worry, fear, loneliness and so many other emotions with food. When we get to the heart of the matter of the emotions and unhealthy mindsets behind our food choices, we can be set free when we come to know The Truth! Your true identity and value come from The One who unconditionally loves you, chose you and calls you accepted in the Beloved!  You will receive my quick & easy recipe resources to help you in this area.


You will learn how to be transformed by the renewing of your mind, to know the Truth and be set free! You will learn to workout from a place of worship and not punishment. Workouts will not only be fun, but are infused with the Word of God, leaving you strengthened physically and spiritually as well!

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  • You have tried every diet and cannot break free from emotional eating.

  • You are not sure of your value, your worth, and how loved you are.

  • You want to be your healthiest, have increased energy, increased mental clarity, reduced body fat, & increased strength.

  • You want to use your health as a way to celebrate and worship the One who knows everything about you and loves you perfectly – Jesus Christ.

  • You have viewed diet and exercise as a punishment/“have to” instead of a “get to” or enjoyment.

  • You have believe it takes too much time to fit in a workout or too difficult to eat healthy.


  • You want another short term diet instead of learning how to live a healthy lifestyle.

  • You are content without knowing your true identity and understanding how the Heavenly Father views you, loves you, and has a plan for your life.

  • You want to take a pill or supplement to avoid making nutritional and exercise changes that will improve your health and your fitness.

Meet Melise T.

Heart of the Matter (Fit & Free Challenge) Participant

"I had the privilege of participating in The Heart of the Matter fitness challenge and it far exceeded my expectations. I expected to receive nutrition tips, lose body fat and gain muscle mass, which I DID! But, Linda beautifully wove together the physical aspects with the spiritual aspects. She taught us to see ourselves the way God sees us, to draw our strength from Him in every circumstance and to strengthen and nourish our bodies to be used for Kingdom purposes."

Access Fit & Free Challenge Here

    In Case We Haven't Met ~

  • Hi, I'm Linda Amara!  I am a passionate follower of Jesus Christ and a fitness professional for over 36 years. I felt the Lord's call to share both my love for Jesus and for nutrition and fitness as he revealed how beautifully intertwined the spirit, mind, and body are designed.

    The more I studied all three, the more I realized how our thoughts, the food we put into our bodies, and how we move our bodies affect, our emotional and physical health. I wanted to change the stigma behind nutrition and exercise to go from a punishment and guilt ridden mantra to a healthy mindset of eating and exercising for improved health and energy.

    This is how The Heart of the Matter was born.

    My desire is for others to be set free from what is at the heart of the matter and to walk in the love and freedom in Christ!I have helped many to find their true identity in Christ, and understand the connection between their thoughts to their nutrition and exercise.

    Linda Amara, is the wife to an amazing, supportive husband, Jim, for 30 years. They have three beautiful children, Joe, Zack, and Emily; two beautiful daughter-in-law’s, Olivia, and Samantha; five treasured grandchildren Noah, Peter, and Alden, Eliza and Abel. They live locally in North Carolina where they enjoy life as a family.