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Are you ready to lose weight and be set free from emotional eating?

Set yourself free from the myth that it’s "too hard and takes too much time and effort" and begin loving taking care of your body again from a place where you know your true value!

Let's Get to the Heart of the Matter

Introducing the

Heart of the Matter 

This program takes you on a thirty-day journey of health and fitness in partnership with Biblical principles. You will learn to love yourself and care for your body in the way God intended you to so you can live life to the fullest!

Let's Partner Together

I know you're craving to lose that sticky weight.


  • Maybe you feel discouraged because you've tried "all the things" already.

  • Maybe you're overwhelmed by all the options and you're not sure what to do next.

  • Maybe you don't feel deserving enough to put that much effort into your self care.

  • Maybe the thought of trying another exercise and diet program gives you anxiety.

  • Maybe you dread working out and every meal is met with shame and condemnation.

Sometimes you wonder if you will break the cycle of turning to food for comfort and have the body you dream of having.

You're in the right place!

My desire is for YOU to be set free from what is at the heart of the matter and to walk in the love and freedom in Christ!

I have helped many to find their true identity in Christ, and understand the connection between their thoughts to their nutrition and exercise.

I wanted to change the stigma behind nutrition and exercise to go from a punishment and guilt ridden mantra to a healthy mindset of eating and exercising for improved health and energy.

This is how The Heart of the Matter was born.

I'm on a mission to help others know their true identity in Christ and learn how to fuel and move their body for their best health.

How would it feel to...

  • Be set free from emotional eating that's obtainable even with a busy schedule?

  • Be confident and stand in your true God given identity?

  • Receive direction, encouragement, and nutritional guidance that actually creates change you can see and experience?

  • Receive the guidance to be set free from unhealthy mindsets that are keeping you stuck? 

  • Be provided with specific ways you can incorporate exercise into your busy day?


I did it. My clients are doing it. 

So can you.

My name is Cindy & I want to share my wellness journey with you.

"I struggled with weight my entire life, and I continued the unhealthy traditions of poor nutrition, insufficient exercise, and turning to food as a coping mechanism into my adulthood. I was the poster child for trying the latest diet crazes – Nutrisystem, Jenny Craig, low fat, low carb – you name it, I tried it, however, I would simply lose, and then regain even more weight, and find myself in a dangerous cycle.

I threw myself into my career, living on the road for many years, and just continuing the unhealthy habits. I used my weight as a self defense mechanism, shielding myself from others, and making myself undesirable. I did not love myself and would not let others get close enough to love me either.

I found myself in my early 40s, involved in a series of unhealthy relationships, even having someone tell me that they like me better when I was fat after I had lost some weight. I also felt that my career advancement was limited due to my weight, as human nature is to see someone who is obese, and think they are lazy and won’t work hard.

Well, I had received Christ as a young age, my relationship with God was also at an all time low. I knew deep in my heart that God had designed my life for so much more than this. I also knew that all my struggles - physical, emotional, and spiritual – were somehow tied together, and this would be the key to begin my healing process.

So, at the age of 45 in many ways, I started over – ended an emotionally, abusive relationship, changed churches, and started to work out and eat healthier.

I met Linda Amara, and I started working with her, attending her fitness and nutrition classes, and found her to be incredibly, motivational, inspirational, and encouraging of my journey to regain my health. Linda, lovingly accepted me where I was at, my highest weight, never judging or criticizing like so many others did. Her motivation and teachings have been key to helping me break free from many of the doubts and fears that I didn’t even know were holding me back, allowing healing in so many areas.

Linda provided incredibly useful nutritional coaching, physical training, and spiritual encouragement, to help me on my journey to a better life-starting most importantly, with strengthening my relationship with Christ. When Christ truly is at the center, everything else starts to fall into place and what is truly important, becomes very clear.

Her approach of body mind and spirit was exactly what I needed to bring the right balance and focus into my life and weight loss journey. As my mind and spirit started to heal, I was better able to focus on treating my body as the temple God meant for it to be, and begin my physical healing.

However, even with the great strides I had made, and improving my health while working with Linda, I was still not able to get physically where I needed to be.  In 2018 I made the radical decision to pursue weight loss surgery. I can say there is nothing easy about this decision, it is not the right choice for everyone. I remember being fearful of telling Linda this was the path I felt, led down, and fear, judgment, and abandonment by her. However, Linda, lovingly encouraged me and stood by my side through the entire process. Ultimately for me, the weight loss surgery was the tool I needed to lose weight, but it’s just that – a tool. Weight loss surgery alone is not the answer. It must be combined with a healthy lifestyle change, good nutrition, exercise, strong support network, and a healthy mindset. During my weight loss journey I also continue to focus on Linda‘s approach of mind, body, and spirit. Linda encouraged me to be faithful and consistent and all these areas, not just focusing on the physical transformation. With Linda's continued coaching and support after my surgery, I was able to lose 115 pounds, transform my overall approach to wellness and start doing these things I never dreamed I would be able to do again.

I love Linda‘s whole mind, body and spirit approach. The interconnection between these areas is so powerful, and Linda help me to grow in each of these areas and better understand how they are connected. She’s been a constant source of encouragement, a prayer warrior, and I am proud we are sisters in Christ together. Working with Linda has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, and I’m so grateful the Lord brought her into my life. She inspires me every day, and she will do the same for you and challenge you to grow in ways you never dreamed. Embrace your journey with Linda!

How? The answer is simple.

Know your true value and identity in Christ!

When you operate from your true God-given identity and value in Jesus, then your motivation to care for your body, soul, and Spirit, is coming from a place of alignment and love.

Unfortunately, most people are operating from a place of lack, shame, and condemnation. Nothing you do from that identity will ever have sustainable success.

    In Case We Haven't Met

  • I am a passionate follower of Jesus Christ and a fitness professional for over 36 years. I felt the Lord's call to share both my love for Jesus and for nutrition and fitness as he revealed how beautifully intertwined the spirit, mind, and body are designed.

    The more I studied all three, the more I realized how our thoughts, the food we put into our bodies, and how we move our bodies affect, our emotional and physical health. I wanted to change the stigma behind nutrition and exercise to go from a punishment and guilt ridden mantra to a healthy mindset of eating and exercising for improved health and energy.

    This is how The Heart of the Matter was born.

    My desire is for others to be set free from what is at the heart of the matter and to walk in the love and freedom in Christ!I have helped many to find their true identity in Christ, and understand the connection between their thoughts to their nutrition and exercise.

    Let's Partner Together

    Linda Amara, is the wife to an amazing, supportive husband, Jim, for 30 years. They have three beautiful children, Joe, Zack, and Emily; two beautiful daughter-in-law’s, Olivia, and Samantha; five treasured grandchildren Noah, Peter, and Alden, Eliza and Abel. They live locally in North Carolina where they enjoy life as a family.

So what is the Heart of the Matter Program?

30 Day Program

The Heart of the Matter is a 30 day program that walks through being healthy in all areas of your life. You will learn how to lose weight and keep it off, exercise effectively and efficiently, and operate from your true value.

Heart of the Matter Book

The Heart of the Matter 30 day program is based on the Heart of the Matter Book. So when you join the program, you'll also receive your very own copy of the Heart of the Matter book.

Biblical Approach

This program is inspired by the biblical principles & strategies God teaches us in the bible on how to care for and nourish our bodies. You will learn how to operate from your divine identity and care for your body with biblical principles and strategies. 

Food & Exercise

This program will guide you through learning how to lose weight and actually keep it off, exercise effectively and efficiently, and ultimately find your true value in your God given identity.


  • You have tried every diet and cannot break free from emotional eating.

  • You are not sure of your value, your worth, and how loved you are.

  • You want to be your healthiest, have increased energy, increased mental clarity, reduced body fat, & increased strength.

  • You want to use your health as a way to celebrate and worship the One who knows everything about you and loves you perfectly – Jesus Christ.

  • You have viewed diet and exercise as a punishment/“have to” instead of a “get to” or enjoyment.

  • You have believe it takes too much time to fit in a workout or too difficult to eat healthy.


  • You want another short term diet instead of learning how to live a healthy lifestyle.

  • You are content without knowing your true identity and understanding how the Heavenly Father views you, loves you, and has a plan for your life.

  • You want to take a pill or supplement to avoid making nutritional and exercise changes that will improve your health and your fitness.

Let's Partner Together

Your next step is an easy one because I'll be right there with you on the other side waiting! 

If you're ready to partner together and go from feeling embarrassed and frustrated with where you are right now in your health journey to feeling aligned, equipped and empowered with your healthy lifestyle, then this is for you! 

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